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We can pellet your bales!

Custom Pellets Available:


Super Supreme Grade 1 Alfalfa Feed Pellets
Looking for the finest, highest quality alfalfa feed pellets for your champion horse?  We take great care and pride making fresh batches by hand, every day, to deliver the finest quality alfalfa pellet on the block.

We always have our IEEE Certified Super Premium Grade Alfalfa pellets on hand for our loyal customers.  Your champion horse will love our tasty nutritious pellets which start with our hand selected super premium hay bales.  

Unlike big commercial producers who pellet their scrap and chaff by-products  to recoup losses on tonnage (likely containing fillers and binders like bentonite), we purchase and process only whole fresh hay bales.  Pressed on an American made pellet mill, we produce a far superior feed pellet than that found sitting up to a year or more in feed store warehouses.  Guaranteed to be the freshest, most nutritious alfalfa pellet available.  

Finished and Ready Compost Tea Garden Fertilizer
All natural, safe, and works great!
*Fast lush green lawns
*Dairy Manure based
*Wont burn plants
*Spray or saturate plants and veggies
*Smooth and steady nitrogen Delivery
$2.50/gallon if you bring a container
$20.00 for a sealed 5gallon bucket (covers approx 1000sqft)
Alfalfa Pellets:
Grade: Supreme (Leafy)
Field: Ephrata, WA
Now being Pelleted!


Made FRESH DAILY from 
Whole Bales

Pelletcomp.com Fresh Alfalfa Feed Pellets Made Daily! Serving King, Snohomish and Greater Seattle, WA

23309 Highbridge Rd #12
Monroe, WA

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