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We can pellet your bales!

Custom Pellets Available:


Fresh Super Supreme Grade Alfalfa Pellets
See the Difference! 

Our Super Supreme Grade Alfalfa pellets (pictured right) are vibrant, green, and fresh!  Pictured left are the typical alfalfa pellets found widely on the shelf.  Pelleted for nutrition, pressed at temp and pressure for ease of digestion and chewability, there is no higher quality feedstock pellet for your champion horse. 

Superior Quality Pellets From Hand Selected Bales - Made Fresh to Order!

   A typical 40lb bag of alfalfa pellets found on the shelf sells for $13-16 per bag (around $0.38/lb).  They are cheap because big companies like to pellet their scrap and by-product, stalky (not leafy) filler material with lower nutritional value.  Most have sat in warehouses for a very long time while being exposed to rat droppings, bird droppings, prone to machinery fluid spills.  

   Our pellets are made ONLY from "Supreme Grade" WHOLE BALES.  Quality alfalfa pellets should not be anything other than a vibrant green marbled color with a glossy outside sheen to them with a fresh potent alfalfa smell.

  We produce our alfalfa pellets in small batches in a clean shop using an American made pellet mill which reaches temperatures and pressures that conventional large Chinese made mills cannot.  This is an important factor when it comes to your animals digestion of feed and chewability.  Were dedicated to providing our customers the highest quality alfalfa feed pellets available.  Your animals will thank you for "givin' em the goods". 
  • Guarnateed Fresh - Made to order!
  • Pelleted slower so they are not hard on the jaw and teeth (recommended by Vets for Senior Horses)
  • We only process whole bales of "Supreme Grade" leafy alfalfa (no scraps, chaff, or cheap stalky fillers)
  • IEEE certified 
  • You can inspect the bales in our shop to see the quality for yourself
  • Bales tested for mold, moisture, and overall health prior to pelleting
  • Alfalfa is fed by human hand into mill to again ensure nothing but 100% pure alfalfa is going into your feed

A high quality feed pellet starts with high quality hay.  We hand select each individual bale.  We do it right.

Local Pickup in Monroe, WA.  
250lbs+ $0.45/lb

We supply and package in burlap bags that hold up to 25lbs.  We welcome you to bring and use your own containers as well.
Special: 32gal trash cans hold 230-250ish pounds.  We will fill them for $100ea.  (about $0.40/lb)

We can pellet your alfalfa and grass bales!  Some customers prefer to use a specific source of hay.  
Customer provides the bale: $0.25/lb.  
Discounts available on large quantities.  Please contact us.

Quality Assured
 We test the moisture content of all bales at the time of purchase and the time of pelleting to ensure integrity of the bale and help us determine overall health.  Any bale or scrap that we remove will be recycled into a wood burning pellet recipe.  The pellets will then be used to heat our shop and office during the cold winter months.
  • Each bale is hand selected for quality
  • Bales are handpicked over to remove an occasional weed
  • Moisture content is checked numerous times to ensure a quality feed pellet with optimal shelf life
  • We pellet only the freshest finest hay (no scrap, thistle, weeds, etc.)
  Custom Feed Recipes Made to Order

We will work with you to develop your customized pelletized feed product.  Whether its corn, alfalfa, grass, wheat, or a mixture of them with vitamins or supplements, we can develop a pellet that will save you time, money and sweat.  Contact us today for further information and pricing inquiries.  We can pelletize just about anything for your needs.  Typically this service caters to discriminating equine owners.
The advantages of pellet feed are numerous:

You will be able to have a kind of feed that is easy to handle and measure, thus making feeding time so much easier on the horse owner. In addition to taking the guess work out of feeding the animals, you will also be assured of the quality of the pelleted feed which is consistent throughout while textured feeds are not. Since the nutritional makeup of the feed is the same throughout, you will be able to properly plan your animal’s nutritious regimen and also execute it with the same level of consistency day in and day out. This also prevents picky eaters from only ingesting the portions of the textured feeds they enjoy while leaving behind that which they will rather not eat.
Taste is also a factor that manufacturers have taken into consideration, and horse owners have found that even horses with an affirmed sweet tooth for the molasses bound feed will eagerly eat the pellets. Furthermore, if your horses’ nutritional needs change, you will be able to adjust the feed accordingly and it may be done quickly and easily. Once again the uniformity of the pelleted feed is its very strong point, in that each pellet contains the amino acids, lysine, minerals and also vitamins that the animal needs. The price tag is also a most advantageous feature. Take for example the fact that the pellets are completely digestible you will not find any of them in your horse’s manure, thus not having wasted your money. Instead, you will save money since the feed is not wasted and completely digested and used. In addition to the foregoing, since pellets are specially formulated to store easily, they will not spoil like other feeds, and even changing temperatures have no influence on the appearance, taste, and structure of the pellets. Shelf lives range from one month to about 3 months- some store bought pellets are shelved for a year or longer (but lose significant quality), giving you more time than textured feed before needing to replace the feed.
Some horse owners are hesitant to feed pellets simply because they look differently. Others allege that pellets are the cause of colic, but this has been disproven since colic is the result of insufficient roughage ingestion – remember that half of a horse’s daily food intake needs to be roughage! Do not allow your animal to bolt its feed to prevent choking, and place the pelleted feed in a proper feeding vessel. As you can see, there is no real scientific reason for not at least offering your horse pellet feed to see if it likes and maybe you, too, will enjoy the convenience of this feed. 

A horse needs to eat 1-2% of its body weight in roughage.  For example a 1000lb horse needs to eat 10-20lbs a day in hay.  So as long as that horse eats its 10-20lbs of roughage it can have 3-5lbs of fresh alfalfa pellets.  

Some customers use the alfalfa pellets as "feed extenders".  Meaning they sprinkle the pellets amongst the hay, encouraging the horse to eat all of its hay (since they usually go right for the pellets they are bound to get a mouthfull of hay along with it).  Again saving you money.

Please consult with your veteranarian regarding specific nutrition needs for your animals.  


Alfalfa Pellets:
Grade: Supreme (Leafy)
Field: Ephrata, WA
Now being Pelleted!


Made FRESH DAILY from 
Whole Bales

Pelletcomp.com Fresh Alfalfa Feed Pellets Made Daily! Serving King, Snohomish and Greater Seattle, WA

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